Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bad News, Good News

First the bad news - I didn't final in the Touched by Love contest which means I won't be heading to the RWA conference in DC this year. I am sending out a huge congratulations to all the finalists and the judges who volunteered their time to judge the entries. From the comments on my score sheets, their service is invaluable.

Now the good news - Have you been over to eHarlequin lately? They have taken technology to another level and it's wonderful!

I'm not talking books. I'm talking people!

If you go to the main eHarl community page at you'll see a google map. And if you click on the blue HERE beside the map, it'll take you to the eharl community map where you can see where the Harlequin authors and readers live. Of course, since this is voluntary, everyone won't be there. But there are lots of little blue balloons to show where everybody lives. Click on a balloon to see who it belongs to.

If you're a mbr and want to add your own balloon, zoom in close to where you live to set your balloon otherwise you're likely to drop it in a lake or river. I know the blue balloon sitting in the Caribbean belongs to one of the eharlequin hosts who happens to live on an island, but I don't think the other one is valid. Unless it's on a cruise ship? :)

I was just over there - again - and I'm still the only one representing the Canadian prairies. Hopefully that will change as more authors and readers hear about it.

Have you gone to look yet?


  1. oh, Anita...
    big *hugs* for not finaling. i was so hoping you would, both for the boost in confidence for you and the prime opportunity for me to be able to meet you live and in person.

    again *hugs* and prayers too.

  2. Me too, Deb.

    But as usual, it's all in God's timing. I'm actually feeling okay about it - either that or developing a thicker skin. LOL

    We'll meet some other time. I believe that, too.

    Take care of yourself and that little one. :) And thanks for the visit. It always puts a smile on my face.


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