Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blogging at Prairie Chicks

I'm blogging today at Prairie Chicks Write Romance about managing your muse. This is not my concept but rather notes I've gleamed from listening to Allie Pleiter's workshop, Getting it Done, at the ACFW conference last fall.

I'm so glad I was blessed with the insight to buy the audio recordings of the conference. Not only do I learn about the workshops I missed, I get to re-listen to those I attended. There just isn't enough time to absorb even half of what is going on at the conference. A very intense 3 days.

So, over at the Chicks, I'm talking about how you write - whether you're a big chunky person or a little chunky person, and how you can use the knowledge to write a book.

On the contest front:

- no news YET on the Touched by Love contest

- I've rec'd my scores sheets back from the Genesis. Both Charley's Saint and An Outlaw for the Lady scored in the top 25% of the contest. So, although I'm not a finalist, I really don't have anything to complain about.

I'd also like to thank those unknown people who took the time to judge my entries and write out detailed comments for me. They're very much appreciated.

Now, head over to Prairie Chicks and see what kind of writer you are...


  1. Anita, the top 25% is amazing! Congratulations!!

  2. Thanks, Capt'n. Just by the skin of my teeth, lol, but it's valid.

    The big thing with this contest is it averages the 3 scores.

    Most contests keep the top 2 scores and drop the lowest.

    In my case, the latter works in my favour because I always have 2 people who love it and 1 who hates it. But they say strong emotions of any kind is good, so I'm not complaining there, either. Just saying.

    Thanks for congratulaing me. It feels good. :)


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