Monday, May 18, 2009

Victoria Day in Canada

It's Victorica Day here in Canada, the traditional day to plant your warm season crops like beans and corn and put your bedding plants out. We're not. The temp out there is 6C/43F. Nelson corralled the kids into helping him clean up the yard. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty when he told them to put parkas on first. heh

They just came in for lunch, but had to stand at the door and do tick checks first. The boys were clear but Jess found one on her pant leg. I wouldn't have known except for the screech. Nelson laughed and when I asked him why he always laughs when someone faces adversity (trips, etc) he said it's a boy thing. sigh

I despise ticks. They came out the 3rd week of April and will stick around until the end of July. Our yard is surrounded by trees. Our garden is surrounded by trees. Our house is surrounded by trees. Have I said how much I despise ticks? We used to have a flock of guinea hens that would roam the yard and eat their body weight in ticks a day. 'Used to have' being the operative phrase in this case.

Instead of being a tick magnet, I'm staying in the house and researching agents and editors for my ACFW conference registration. Last year I had a clear picture of who I wanted to see. My direction hasn't changed. Just my idea of how I want to get there. Only thing is, the publishing house I most want to talk to won't have a representative there. So, I need to pray about this and see who He wants me to see as opposed to who I want to see.

Do you ever get the feeling there's a tick creeping up your leg when you haven't even been outside?


  1. hoo boy,
    i share your aversion to the little ticks. love to camp, don't like thinking about ticks. and yep, have felt the phantom tick movement too.

    will be praying for you regarding who the Lord wants you to meet up with at the ACFW conference.

  2. Thanks Deb, I appreciate your prayers.

    The little guy let out a shriek this morning - he left his socks on overnight (?) and I guess a tick slid under because there was one hiding just under the cuff. He's at home sick today with sore throat, etc and wandering around with bare feet - too scared to put socks back on. :(

    Keep well and take care of your little bundle. :)


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