Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Prairie Chick Goes on Retreat

Outside my window, the trees bow and bob as if trying to shoot out the new green leaves like bullets from a Gatling gun. The air whistles as it’s forced through a crack beside the door. No matter where I go in the house, I hear the dull roar from outside, advancing and retreating in waves. When the kids opened the door to leave for school, the air filled with an earthy vegetative smell reminiscent of a forest. The normally blue sky is obscured by a mantle of clouds.

Yet, I’m snug inside our little house on the prairie. :) Since Jessie has a music lesson and dental appt in the city today, I’m making an executive decision to stay in my jammies until I have to leave to pick her up from school. I can get more writing done that way, you see and read my Prairie Chick post tomorrow to see what I'm talking about.

Jessie also has her final grad dress fitting today. A princess dress, bought by a father who dotes on her. In my wildest dreams I’ve never imagined such a dress on anyone other than Cinderella. And I can’t wait to see Jessie wear it.

In the wee hours of tonight, Muse Management Part 2 goes online with the Prairie Chicks. This is the post where I try to pass on Allie Pleiter's wisdom for writing when it's convenient to you instead of when your muse demands.

And tomorrow morning (hopefully), I’ll make the 5 hr drive north to Muenster, SK to participate in the Sask Rom Writers (SRW) spring retreat.

I’ll check in with the Chicks where I can enroute, but I probably won’t get a chance to comment until the afternoon when I’m safe at St Peter’s Abbey.

With all the plans for Jessie’s grad encroaching on my writing time, I need this retreat to complete revisions of Marry Me Ma’am. And if I finish MMM before Sunday, there’s a new romantic suspense plot striving to transfer from my imagination to the virtual reality of my laptop.

Is there a market for romantic suspense these days? I hope so…


  1. Looking forward to retreat - and the second installment in your Muse Management blogpost :) Blatant self promotion - I'll be posting about our retreat on Friday, and giving suggestions on creating your own retreat at home (for those unable to go on a retreat or those who don't belong to a group).

    See you tomorrow, Anita :)

  2. My retreat is my bedroom.....dim lights, loads of pillows and cushions on my bed, wonderfully scented Yankee Candles - perfect atmosphere for writing - well at least in m opinion anyway!

    Have a good trip!


  3. Yeah, see you soon, Janet.

    Mavis - you really do have a retreat. I know it's hard finding a place when you have a kid, but you're doing a great job making time and the space to do it. Good for you.

  4. Have a great retreat! And yes, there is a market for romantic suspense

  5. Hey, Dream, thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm working on it. This place is a great place to write.


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