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Book Review: A Passion Denied

A Passion Denied (The Daughters of Boston Book 3) by Julie Lessman 2009 Revell Books

How does she do it? Every time I read a book by Julie Lessman, I think there’s no way she can top it—and then she does it with the next one and it goes straight to my Top 10 list, again. I am a fan for life and will buy anything this author writes.

Just like the title states, this book delves into the life of denied passion. Denied on the part of the heroine because the man she loves treats her like a child. Denied on the part of the hero because he refuses to acknowledge his love for the heroine. Denied in the lives of 3 other couples we’ve met in previous books as they face the challenging life called matrimony.

Elizabeth O’Connor, previously known as Beth, is the younger sister to Faith in Book 1 and Charity in Book 2. Beth was the quiet sister. Unimposing, well-mannered, serene.

She’s now an adult and in an effort to seem more modern and vivacious, she’s changed her name to Lizzie. She’s also sporting a trendy new bob in the hopes John Brady will shed his ‘little girl’ opinion of her as fast as she shed her locks. He’s been her spiritual mentor for years and over that time they’ve shared many confidences. Her love for him isn’t that of a school girl but of a young woman ready to marry the man of her dreams and stand by him during adversity. She’s got one tough road ahead of her, though because Brady is a self-professed loner.

Brady harbors a secret which is hinted at yet not fully disclosed until the book is near it’s end. This secret is so sinister, it not only keeps him awake at night, it stops him getting close to anyone. Sure, he admits his love for Beth – for he refuses to call her Lizzie – but only as a sister. He won’t allow himself to go beyond that.

As Lizzie grows into the lovely woman God intended, Brady is forced to watch her blossom. He’s tempted. She knows it. But he resists. How long will she wait? Give and take. Who will win?

And while Lizzie and Brady dance around each other, we have a chance to revisit Faith and Collin who’ve been married a couple years and have a very modern problem. Faith loves her career. Collin wants her to stay home and raise a family. Do you think their passion for each other is affected during this time? You betcha.

And we have a chance to revisit the lives of Charity and Mitch who are expecting their first child. Apparently, Mitch has terrorizing memories of his mother in childbirth. Do you think their passion for each other is affected during this time? You betcha.

We also revisit the marriage of Marcy and Patrick who’ve been steadfast in their faith and love for each other for over 2 decades. When an old friend shows up and unleashes secrets Marcy hoped Patrick would never discover, do you think their passion for each other is affected? You betcha.

This book doesn’t just skim along the surface of people’s lives. It gets down to an emotional and physical level you rarely see in inspirational books today, but is so much a part of our real lives.

Heat Level: Sensual (There is nothing in this book that today’s teen couldn’t read.)

My Rating: Excellent - 5 stars (one to re-read; definitely a keeper)

The Daughters of Boston:
Book 1 – A Passion Most Pure (Faith and Collin)
Book 2 – A Passion Redeemed (Charity and Mitch)
Book 3 – A Passion Denied (Elizabeth and John Brady) In Stores Now
Book 4 – Refuge From the Storm (Katie and Cluny)

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