Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Book Review: A Passion Redeemed

A Passion Redeemed (The Daughters of Boston Book 2) by Julie Lessman 2008 Revell Books

Wow! Julie Lessman has written another emotional gut-wrenching story that brings fictional people explosively to life. This is not a book about a ‘goody-two-shoes’ waiting for the man God has promised her. No, in this book, Charity O’Connor decides who she wants and goes after him. And if she has to use all her feminine charms and tell some lies in the process, well so be it because she’s determined to get what she wants.

We first met Charity in the first Daughters of Boston series when she interfered between her sister and the love of her life. Due to circumstances in her childhood with her sister and father, Charity wears this ‘nobody loves me’ persona. She’s grown to take what she can get because she thinks she won’t get anything otherwise. This mentality rules her life. She seems so selfish when she’s not as can be seen with her relationship with her grandmother and great-grandma.

It’s just that she has this tunnel vision where Mitch is concerned. We also met Mitch in Book 1 because he was engaged to Charity’s sister for awhile – before Charity broke up that liaison, too.

Mitch is such a nice guy. He really only has one downfall – he can’t see anything but Charity when she’s around. She has the ability to tie him in knots and turn him into a blathering idiot. She’s like a drug he can’t quit. But he tries oh, so hard to resist her.

This book travels from Boston to Ireland and back to Boston again as Charity chases Mitch and almost loses herself in the journey. And It takes us from the genteel society to the darkness of disillusionment where people aren’t who they appear to be.

This is a story of faith and redemption regardless of your past and the assurance God loves you regardless.

Heat Level: Sensual (My teen has never dated but I want her to read this book)

My Rating: Excellent - 5 stars (one to re-read; definitely a keeper) My Top 10 list

The Daughters of Boston:
Book 1 – A Passion Most Pure (Faith and Collin)
Book 2 – A Passion Redeemed (Charity and Mitch)
Book 3 – A Passion Denied (Elizabeth and John Brady)
Book 4 – Refuge from the Storm (Katie and Cluny)


  1. Sounds like an awesome book, Anita. I'll check it out.

  2. OMIGOSH, Anita, thank you SOOO much for this incredible review!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled that you enjoyed Redeemed. I have to admit that Charity is now one of my favorite characters because she is such a hoot. And ... uh, you won't believe her in book 3 and book 4, the little dickens! :)

    Thank you again!


  3. Hey Capt'n. I'll tell ya, no one who reads this book will ever say that Christians aren't passionate. LOL

  4. Hey Julie, I have read book 3 - A Passion Denied and you can check the review here tomorrow morning.


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