Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Review: The Prodigal's Return

The Prodigal’s Return by Lynn Bulock Love Inspired #144, July 01

This is a great book. I like the fact it explores the relationship between a father and his daughter, God and His people, and cops and their kids. There are so many levels to this story and it all works well together.

Laurel Harrison has been living in California but she wants an excuse to return home to Missouri. She finds the perfect opportunity when her father, the local sheriff, falls ill. No sooner does she get to town when she starts getting tickets from her father’s deputy who seems to be missing tact when it comes to certain citizens in town – like the sheriff’s daughter.

Deputy Tripp Jordan doesn’t believe in playing favorites to anyone. If you’re illegally parked, you get a ticket. If you speed, you get a ticket. It doesn’t matter if you’re the mayor or the sheriff’s daughter. Tripp has a rule book and he abides by it. Of course the problems start when his teenage daughter comes to live with him because that’s a whole new set of rules. And it’s hard giving tickets to someone as attractive as Laurel who offers a helping hand at every turn.

As her father heals, Laurel must make the agonizing decision whether to go back to California for good, or take a chance with her work and heart in Missouri.

Heat level: Affectionate

My Rating: Great (A keeper)

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