Sunday, June 28, 2009

Book Review: Ready-Made Family

Ready-Made Family (Wings of Refuge Book 3) by Cheryl Wyatt Love Inspired #490, Apr 09

This was another great book about the pararescue jumpers of Refuge, Illinois. I’m enjoying the series by Cheryl Wyatt who integrates racial differences in her stories as easily as personalities and careers. In this book, she not only introduced the bigotry that can occur between whites and Asians due to the Vietnam war, but also racism between so-called average and handicapped people, in this case, Mosaic Down’s Syndrome.

Pararescue jumper Ben Dillinger is in a parking lot minding his own business when a little girl begs him to help rescue her mother from their crashed vehicle. As the mother recuperates in the hospital, Ben learns she is ‘between jobs and homes’ and finds himself falling for her. He wants to help her get a job so she and her daughter will stay in Refuge and he can get to know them better. As he sees it, his biggest problem is his inability to admit he has a brother with special needs who will soon move in with him. He loves his brother and has grown out of his childhood embarrassment about his brother’s special needs – at least he’s sure has – it’s just that he wants a bit more time before springing the news.

Amelia North is enroute a new job when she faints while driving and crashes. In the hospital, she’s amazed when her normally introvert daughter acts like she’s known Ben Dillinger forever. Although drawn to the tall Asian, he’s too bossy for Amelia’s liking. But as Ben shows himself to be a friend she can depend on and hints at becoming more, a heavy foreboding comes over her. She’s trying to make peace with her estranged parents but if there’s one thing her dad always said, it was not to hook up with an Asian or don’t bother going back home.

Prejudice is an ugly thing and cannot be tolerated but if it came to choosing between Ben and her father, whom would she pick?

Heat Level: Affectionate

My Rating: Great (A Keeper)

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