Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May is Over - Already?

It’s already June the 2nd! Do you realize in 3 wks the days are going to start getting shorter again? Yikes!


May has been a month of decisions. I wanted to register for the American Christian Fiction Writers conference to be held in Sept in Denver this year. Before I could do that, I needed to choose the workshops I wanted to attend. I also needed to pick the editors and agents I wanted to pitch my manuscript to but I need something new to show them. Alternately, I could pitch my old stuff to new editors but I’d rather pitch to those who’ve asked me to show them something else.

So, I’m back to working on Translucent Trust, the suspense I started during Book in a Week this past January. And, to make sure I get it right, I’ve signed up at http://rosescoloredglasses.com/ for an online Plotting Bootcamp course. Yes, I’ll get to my homework as soon as I post this to my blog.

I spent the last few days of May at a writing retreat where I worked on revisions to Marry Me, Ma’am, my contemporary western which is under consideration at The Wild Rose Press. The retreat featured good food, comfy beds and a peaceful atmosphere conducive to writing.

I submitted a 1000 word suspense entry, Strong as Silk in the end of May eHarlequin's Writer's Challenge. These short, bi-weekly challenges of defined topic and length give me practice to keep my writing tight.


The mail brought a copy of Cheryl St John’s first ever Love Inspired Historical, The Preacher’s Wife which is a June 09 release. I love the cover. It emanates home and comfort, love and warmth. I actually won it on the Petticoats and Pistols blog one day. Cheryl will be at Prairie Chicks Write Romance on June 13th as part of her blog tour and I’ll have to ask about her unique address label.

This month I also received in the mail a copy of Janice Lynn’s Medical Romance, Surgeon Boss, Surprise Dad. I won this book when Anna Sudgen hosted Janice at Writers at Play and am very anxious to read it because I love secret baby stories.

The 3rd book I received in the mail was Julie Lessman’s, A Passion Denied. This is Book 3 in the Daughters of Boston series and I’d been hanging on to Book 2, A Passion Redeemed, until I had them both. Julie will be at Prairie Chicks Write Romance on June 27th as part of her blog tour and I want to send a big Woo Hoo out to her because A Passion Redeemed is a finalist in the Inspirational Reader's Choice contest.

Okay, now that you know what I’ve been doing, what have you been up to?
What do you want to get done in June?


  1. heya Anita
    you've been quite busy and productive. the writing retreat sounded so neat. no monastaries in this area that i know of. i hope your revisions went well.

    well wishes on your work with Translucent Trust. now that's a story i'll be excited to read.

    i haven't been up to much on my end - writing wise. i'm still a bit on the drained creativity side. anyhoo, i like reading about your progress.

  2. Hey Deb - I didn't know we had any active monasteries here in the province, either.

    Yes, the revisions are going well. Sure takes time though and I'm finding my craft improvement over the past year has meant I'm tightening my writing and cutting about 25% off. Yikes!

    I can so relate to being drained at the beginning of my pregnancy. In fact, you ask my hubby and he'll tell you I spent most of it - when I wasn't at my real job with the military - just sitting around playing video games and trying to burn off restless energy. :) Just me and Dr. Mario. *sigh*

    So don't worry about your creativity. It's a blessing you don't have a deadline. Just enjoy your family while you can.

    God bless you.


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