Monday, June 15, 2009

Sample My Writing

Do you want to see a sample of my writing?

I was chosen to write chapter 7 in eharlequin's Pass the Plot with Harlequin Historical author Joanne Rock. We were given certain words and phrases to use and the writer who used them the most wins the Pass the Plot title.

So, I've been busy writing and my Chap 7 went online last night at

You don't need to be a member to read it. Just click over and read.

And then if you wish, come on back and tell me what you really think. Since it's been posted, I've picked up a couple things I'd change. (Like using the word anguish twice and close together.) *sigh*


  1. anita

    i loved what you did with your chapter for Pass the Plot. i'm impressed with how you worked the key words/phrases in so naturally.

    i think you advanced the story really well. it was well worth the wait (i'd been waiting since you were listed as a participant).

  2. Awh, thanks Deb. I really worried about this challenge because of the heat level involved but Nancy set it up perfectly for me in Chap 6 and all I had to do was follow through. It's hard to do 'anything' when you're hanging by an arm. LOL

    Nice to see you. :)


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