Saturday, July 11, 2009

Book Review: A Weaver Wedding

A Weaver Wedding by Allison Leigh Silhouette Special Edition #1965, Apr 09

Once again, Allison Leigh proves why she’s an ‘auto-buy’ for me. She hooked me with the prologue and got me so interested, I’d read a third of the book before I realized it. Allison turns on the emotional train with a secret baby story that had me wanting to tell the hero he was going to be a father. And although I didn’t think it fair of the heroine to keep it a secret, she was such a likeable character, I didn’t really mind because it added so much conflict and tension to the story.

Tara Browning figured she was destined for spinsterhood after a very brief marriage when she was eighteen. It’s not a big secret why she doesn’t date, she just hasn’t been attracted to anyone since. But when tall, hunky Axel Clay stands in her way, her inhibitions flee and she’s ready to follow him anywhere. A couple days later, she awakes in their motel room to find Axel gone without even a note. He did leave her a nice present, however, which she discovers a couple months later. Since Axel hasn’t made any attempt to contact her though, she’s not going to go searching for him either. She’ll raise their baby just fine by herself.

Seems Axel Clay has been in love with Tara Browning since he first spotted her 5 yrs ago but his job as a secret operative stopped him from making his feelings known. He wouldn’t have spent the weekend with her either except she was involved with his job and he had to keep tabs on her somehow. Of course if his boss found out how close he’d watched Tara, he’d be pulled off the assignment for conflict of interest but Axel was going to ensure no one knew. He’d stay away from Tara and everything would be fine. Things don’t go according to plan when Axel has to go back as her bodyguard, though.

Tara is determined to hide her pregnancy from Axel and his family who insist on pulling her into their lives like a long-lost daughter. If she thought it was hard keeping the baby from Axel though, she finds it’s agony not to tell Axel’s mother.

Heat Level: Sensual

My Rating: Great (A Keeper)

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