Thursday, July 23, 2009

Found A Winner; Looking for a Hero

The winner of Shirlee McCoy's Cold Case Murder is Lynne from over on my eHarlequin blog. Lynne correctly identified the 'yellow stuff' of my previous posts as being wild mustard.

Did you know that wild mustard has anticancer properties? I think it's so neat that God has made all these 'throwaway' plants with secrets just waiting to be discovered.

I'm blogging at Prairie Chicks today so pop over there if you have a chance. Since not everyone has the gumpton to write a 100,000 word tome, my blogpost explains the ways people who write shorter pieces can still get published. Like this one:

If you write historical/vintage fiction, here's something to check out:

The Wild Rose Press is looking for novellas and novels for an American Hero series for the Spring of 2010. Here’s the criteria:

- 30,000-100,000 word Historical (No cowboys)

- Vintage line – 1900-1992 - can be on Canadian or foreign soil but the H/hero must be American.

- American line – 1492-1992 - it must be set on American soil and have an American flavor

- Hero can be either male or female and must make a difference in the life of someone or some people. He/she must go beyond normal heroism.

For more info, check The Wild Rose Press blogpost about it.

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  1. Thanks, Anita, for spreading the word about our series! And thanks for your support of TWRP!


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