Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prairie Chick Talks Kissing

I finally finished my plotting chart for Silent Keeper and have started writing the book. I'm on a very tight deadline for it and my blogging is/will suffer because of it.

With the 2 older kids at camp, I only have the little guy here but he's being terrific at letting me write. I think the new video game plus the stockpile of library books has something to do with it. :)

I'm blogging about kissing and some of my experiences with that topic over at so hop on over and join the discussion. My questions today are:

Do you have a kissing experience you’d like to share? Either a bad one you’d like to forget or a good one you want to remember? You can comment here or on the Chicks site. Come on, I'm curious...


  1. Worst kiss experience? Chad in 9th grade. I was trying to wrap my arms around his neck and accidentally hit him on the temple with my prosthesis.

    It knocked him unconscious.

  2. Hey Cap'n - Grade 9 - Ouch. That's the time when events like this seem to stick with you throughout high school. I can guess it was embarassing at the time but oh, what fodder for one of your books!

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah.

  3. college. when i discovered that when boys\men project when they are about to kiss you. the young man i was dating got a very odd look on his face and me, being clueless asked him "what?" and then he kissed me.

    since then, i've caught different guys with odd looks on their faces and have gone for the kiss or discretely ducked the potential incoming kiss (to help keep the male ego intact). it's been pretty accurate.

    the odd look? i've since discovered it's usually his "romantic - i love/deeply care for you" look.

    my younger brother has told me i've kissed way too many boys in my life. of course, the only women he kissed were his first girlfriend and his now wife. he was very blessed to find his mate very young.

    still, each kiss has been memorable - both good and bad.

  4. Hey Deb, I know what you mean about an 'odd look'.

    I liked the first 3 guys I dated until I was actually on the date. By the time they got 'the look' I decided I didn't like them enough to use up my 'first kiss' and ducked out of the way.

    I don't remember the 'feeling' of my first kiss, but I remember we were standing in front of an open window in my apartment (I left home at age 16). And when our lips separated, I spun around with my arms crossed because I was so giddy with excitement and didn't know what to do. He just wrapped his arms around me, tucked my head under his chin and held me like that for a long time. It was magical.

    Not sure about kissing too many boys. If you read my post you've seen that sometimes you just gotta kiss 'em. :)

    So nice of you to visit, Deb. Take care of baby.


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