Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Book Review: Sweet Trouble

Sweet Trouble (Bakery Sisters Book 3) by Susan Mallery HQN Sep 08

I read this book on the Sony 505 eReader. It was one of several free books I was able to get with the $25 coupon from eHarlequin – a gift for test driving the eReader. I don’t usually buy HQN books because I tend to go for the smaller ‘series’ books that are easier to stuff in my purse. But Sweet Trouble was free and it was going in my eReader which easily hides in my purse. I chose Susan Mallery because I’ve always enjoyed her Special Edition books. I wanted to see how she made the switch to a bigger book.

I wasn’t disappointed. Every time a conflict was resolved and I wondered how she’d fill the rest of the pages, either of the main characters stumbled and I realized the conflict really hadn’t been resolved at all. It was lurking in the background waiting for the right moment. The book has many ‘right moments’. Some I saw coming. Some I didn’t. It kept me entertained.

Jesse’s story is the conclusion to the Bakery Sisters trilogy. Jesse and Matt broke up over a series of events involving miscommunication, bad judgment and most of all mistrust. Jesse tried to tell Matt she was pregnant but because of what someone told him, Matt spurned her. Disillusioned, she left. Five yrs after walking away from her fraternal twin sisters as well as Matt, Jesse is back because her four year old son wants to meet his daddy. Not only does she have to smooth things over with Matt, she has to prove to the sister who raised her that she’s a responsible adult worthy of her trust and nothing like the ‘living on the edge’ teenager who bucked authority at every turn.

Matt has led a fulfilling life ever since Jesse left but really, he’s been in limbo and only going through the motions. Jesse hurt him. Badly. He’s scarred but it won’t take much to re-open the wound. He didn’t believe Jesse carried his child when she left but now he’s faced with the proof. There’s no question Gabe is Matt’s son and now Matt wants to hurt Jesse for robbing him of those precious first years of Gabe’s life.

***Spoiler Alert***The only problem I have with this novel is that Jesse never admits she displayed bad judgment when she let her sister’s husband remove the clothes from the top of her body. Although I could empathize with Jesse for everything else, this stopped me from fully embracing her character. All I wanted was her to admit—just once—to her sister or to Matt that she allowed the incident to happen but stopped it before anything else happened. Instead, she put the blame fully on her sister’s husband. Yes, he instigated it, but Jesse didn’t protest until placed in a compromising situation. This one ‘flaw’ showed she wasn’t as grown up as she proclaimed.***End of Spoiler***

Overall, it was a very enjoyable read…even when it made me cry…several times, in fact. And I loved the convenience of the Sony eReader. So many books.

Heat Level: YummyMy Rating: Great – 4 out of 5 stars (a keeper)

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