Sunday, January 31, 2010

Final Day to Enter Sun Dog Contest

It's January 31st! That means I'll be making the draw tonight at midnight for my Sun Dog Contest.

If you haven't entered yet, here's the deal... check out my the two posts below this. They both have photos I took of recent Sun Dogs.

Then click on the 'comment' below the post and leave a comment - I'm actually interested in which photos you like best.

I'm going to pick one name from all the comments I've received and that person will win a book I'm giving away - see details in the posts.

You get one entry for leaving a comment at each of these spots:

- Sunrise Sun Dog Pics

- Sun Dog Book Giveaway

- My eHarequin blog (must be a member to comment)

- Sunrise Sundog Pics on my Facebook note page

- Sun Dog Book Giveaway on my Facebook note page

There... that's 5 chances for you ambitious types to enter.

Deadline for entries is midnight CST tonight.

I'll post the winner's name on Monday.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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