Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prairie Chick Changes View

Anyone who has followed this blog knows I enter writing contests. And that I have an entry out there in the Genesis and Touched by Love contests at this moment. No - I haven't heard any results yet - those won't be coming until the middle of May.

I know that for a fact because I'm judging 3 entries for the Touched by Love contest myself. And no, they're not in the same category as the one I've entered. That would really be a tempting my honesty now wouldn't it?

So today I'm blogging over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance about my thoughts on the judging process.

Here, I'll share one of the pics I've used over there... it's a photo I took of my eldest daughter, Crystal, when she was home last Christmas. Isn't she adorable? And no, she doesn't remind me of Medusa in the slightest. Nope, not one little bit. Really, how could you even think that!

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  1. THE coolest picture! WOW!

    Hmmm, your thoughts on judging. Will have to check this one out!



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