Friday, April 23, 2010

Win an Angela Breidenbach e-Cookbook

I haven't been on-line for a few days because I've been in my cave writing. But I've come out to help a friend promote her new e-Cookbook, Creative Cooking for Colitis.

I'm blogging about over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance and one of the questions I've asked the author, Angela, is if the cookbook is only for people with digestive problems. She said, no. That it's also for celiac and weight loss. It's getting back to good healthy eating is what it is.

And for those computer illiterate types, an e-Cookbook simply means her cookbook is not an actual book you can hold in your hands. Once you save it to your computer, you can view it at any time without needing an nternet connection. And I'll be here if you have any problem saving or viewing it.

Oh - Angela's also let me post of the recipes from the cookbook along with her interview. It's Spanish Tortilla and it looks really good.

So mosey on over to Prairie Chicks and leave a comment so you get your name put in for a PDF copy of this cookbook.


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