Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Giveaway and a New Blog

I'm in 2 places today!

First... I'm hosting author Vickie McDonough over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance where she's talking about the different types of heroes and heroines in books. If you leave a comment with your email address before midnight, you might win your choice of a book from her website. But you have to go over to Prairie Chicks to do it. I'm sorry, but for this giveaway only, you need to reside in Canada or the U.S.

Vickie's current book is The Anonymous Bride Book 1 in the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series. If you think this post looks familiar, you're right because I posted a book review yesterday and a promo post for Inkwell Inspirations last Sat.

Canadian Prairies Missed the Old West

Second... Narelle, one of my Inky sisters, invited me to be a guest blogger at the International Christian Fiction Writers  (ICFW) blog.

Since the ICFW blog is targeted at readers, my post is about my childhood and why I write stories with a prairie setting. I talk about the Old West and those old TV westerns.

I'm not giving away a book on this blog, but I ask... What was your favourite movie genre when you were a youngster? Is it the same now that you’re all grown up?

I hope to see you either at the ICFW blog or Prairie Chicks Write Romance today.

Note - Because the ICFW blog is International, I'm not sure what time my post goes live. Narelle had said 'See you Monday' but they're about 20 hrs ahead of us... I guess that means it goes up tonight at midnight? Your guess is as good as mine. LOL

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