Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photos of the Farm and Prairie Chicks

The Sears catalogue arrived this week. Considering we've had maybe 2 really warm days this year so far, I didn't need the reminder that summer would be over in a few short months. At least the front cover model isn't wearing fur this year. Gloves, yes. A parka, no.

The grass is emerald green after 3 weeks of rain. There have been some bright moments. Like when we looked out our living room window and saw 2 deer in the front yard. With all the vegetation out in the bush and fields, I don't know why they decided to visit us.

JJ looked out one evening and started hollerin' about a tornado. It was just a cloud but I can see his point.

Our neighbour to the east has his new crop of foals out. I love the sight of the little ones but they're hard to photograph because they tend to keep on the far side of mom. This one's just a baby and hasn't learned to hide yet.

In the story I'm working on, the hero, Dan, rides a sorrel gelding so the coloring is much like this mare.

I needed a photo of a book reviewer for tomorrow's blogpost over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance so JJ posed for me. I took 4 pics altogether with him showing different emotions. I think I used his perplexed expression over at the Chicks.

As you may have guessed, my Prairie Chick post is about book reviewers and influencers. I'm discussing how to get people to buy a certain book, as well as where to give them away. (The books, not the people.) Did you know you can release a book into the wild and track it? Yes, you read that right.

If you're wondering what book JJ's reading, it's Tunnels of Terror, a juvenile suspense by Mary Harelkin Bishop and based on the tunnels which run beneath the city of Moose Jaw, 2 hrs to the west of us.

So, if you were to release a book into the wild, where would you leave it?


  1. Great idea, Patti. At least in your weather. Haha. We've had rain for the last 3 wks here on the prairies. :(

    Thank you. So very glad you're back safe from the Orient.


  2. in a doctor's waiting room or in an airport gate area seat. sure to find someone who is tired of waiting and needing entertainment.


  3. Deb, yes, the Dr's is a good place, and the airport is a wonderful place! With all those people, there are bound to be some who forgot reading material. A captured audience - yay! LOL

    Thank you.


  4. You know, you could be a professional photographer! There's a mag called Our Canada that takes article submissions and prints photos. I don't know how much they pay, if anything, but you should definitely check it out!

  5. Awh, Karyn, thanks. Actually, we received Our Canada for years and I always marvelled at the photos. So thank you for saying that.

    You're right - they don't pay for the photo use, but you get the credit.

    Thank you for coming over.



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