Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flying to Orlando

It feels so unreal that yesterday morning we were sitting at home in Saskatchewan and today we’re at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I think the whole experience so far was expressed so eloquently, at least 3 dozen times yesterday, by JJ who kept repeating “Oh, my goodness” at each new step in our journey.

We flew out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada via Skywest. As soon as we took our seats, JJ thoroughly checked the on-flight safety instructions since this was his first flight. He liked that there was a floatation device under each seat.

Puffy cotton  balls floating above fields of yellow canola, blue flax, green crops and brown summer fallow fields. 

We landed in Minneapolis just before lunch after a short 1.5 hr flight. JJ had problems with the descent as his ears refused to clear regardless of the amount of gum he chewed. Once on the ground, his ears ‘popped’ and he felt much better.

JJ’s eyes were glued to the Delta flight attendant as she demonstrated in-flight safety for the 2.5 hr flight to Orlando.

We cruised at 35,000 feet flying southeast from Minneapolis and then over Nashville, Tennessee.

I love this pic with my disembodied camera floating in the sky.

JJ managed to snooze on this part of the flight and recharge his energy.

We tried looking for Disney World on the descent to Orlando but didn’t see any of the famous icons.

The Orlando airport has huge and busy compared to the one back home.

We arrived in the early evening and caught our first sight of palm trees, or whatever these tropical trees are.

One of the perks of staying at a Disney World resort is the free shuttle service from the airport to the Yacht Club via Disney’s Magical Express which included Disney info and cartoons.

We're excited to see what tomorrow brings.



  1. Oh, Anita, this is so exciting! The pictures are beautiful, and Orlando looks so...Florida. :-) Humid, a bit overhung with grey. I bet it's HOT too, right?

    I can't wait to keep up with your trip. Keep posting updates on FB and your blog!

    Hugs and love!

  2. Hey Gwen - miss you!

    It's so humid, my glasses fog up every time I go outside! It's so strange for them to do that in the summer. LOL

    My blog posts are supposed to go to my facebook acct, too, but they're not and I don't have time to check out why. :(

    Hope to chat soon.



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