Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fav Authors, RWA Orlando, & a Wet iTouch

I'm over at Inkwell Inspirations today talking about my reading journey and all the favourite authors I've discovered along the way. You're welcome to come and tell us who you love to read.

I'm also at Prairie Chicks Write Romance today with more photos of my Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando, FL.

I've been home now for 3 days and find scents and images superimposing themselves as I'm doing things. Like when I'm working with my photos, organizing and cropping them, I can smell the beach. Or the awful ashes odour that permeated the front store area of the Beach Club Marketplace. Not sure what that was about, but it was there the whole time we were.

The weather here at home is average for here at 22C/76F but it seems cooler after the hot, humid days in Florida. And after days of walking everywhere down there, my body feels sluggish and achey. It's taken a few days to get caught up on my sleep and is a good reminder to ensure I'm well rested before flying to Indy this Sept. Is it only in 6 wks? Yowza!

For today's pic, I thought I'd show you the note I found from Nelson when I returned from a day of conferencing.

Nelson and JJ had wanted to spend a day at the beach re-energizing so they spent it in Stormaway Bay which is the Beach and Yacht Club's swimming area - considered the 3rd waterpark of Disney World. Nelson said later, they'd been in the water several minutes when he realized his iTouch was still in his pocket. Ouch! He immediately brought it back to the room and used my mini to surf the web for instructions. Everything he found said NOT TO TURN IT ON. He didn't. Instead, he left it like this to dry. And now, 5 days later, he still hasn't turned it on as they mentioned leaving it for a week or two to allow internal components to dry out. They warned it'll probably never be as good as it was, though. Oh yuck! Men and their toys, eh.

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