Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flying to ACFW Indy

Got up at 3am to drive to Regina so I could catch a 6am flight to Indianapolis, Indiana. Here are some pics I took on the way:

Dawn breaking somewhere between Regina and Minneapolis

A whole assortment of cloud types.


These clouds were breaking up.

Going through clouds on descent to Indy.

Inside the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis glass wall elevator.

Taken from beside the elevator on the 11th floor.

Looking down from 11th floor. The blue-green is a waterfall at the bottom of the elevators.
Italian supper. (L to R) Judy, Patti Lacy, Sara, Jen AlLee, Dina Sleiman, Lisa Richardson, Anita Mae Draper


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  1. I love your pictures, always! But these were special! You guys must've had a blast at dinner. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm praying for you!


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