Thursday, October 14, 2010

The End of Prairie Chicks

Today, I've over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance with my second-last post. After almost 2 yrs, we'll cease the publication of new posts on Oct 31st, although the blog will stay open. There's just too much information there for writers to close it down for good.

I won't list the reasons here because I've done it over there. But, the short answer is... writing blogposts takes time away from writing my stories. Especially when you're trying to write posts for writers when you're not sure you have a handle on the craft yourself.

However, I will continue to be a regular poster on my inspirational group blog, Inkwell Inspirations. This blog is exactly what it sounds like - an inspiration. In fact, we target readers - people who want an uplifting story to give them hope while reading about someone's elses adversity. By their very nature, inspirationals have a happy ending whether it's a romance or not.

I love writing for the Inkwell because I can pick almost anything to write about. Take Tuesday's post for example, I wrote about Repeat or Now and Then Photography. I show you photos of a scene taken many years ago and then what it looks like today. And I even included how you can adapt it for learning about the Holy Land of Jesus' time and the archaeological digs of today.

I'm sorry about the lack of recent posts, but again, I'm in my cave on the end fringes of my manuscript. I'll let you know when it's done. And what I do with it.

This photo was taken outside my office looking toward the northwest. As you can see, the prairie wind cut loose a steady shower of leaves.

Because of a late start and horrid weather, harvest won't be over for another 3 weeks. Please pray for the farmers - both for their crops as well as their health as they rush to get it all in before the snow falls.


  1. Anita, I understand that writing struggle -- it can be so difficult to balance everything. Praying for you as you finish your novel!

  2. Thank you, Susie. I really miss you and the rest of the Inkies. :(

  3. I was off to the SWG conference on the weekend and didn't take time to comment on your Thurs. post at Prairie Chicks. I have enjoyed reading all the Chicks' posts on what it has been like to be involved and how they have benefited from it over the past two years.

    Our own writing really has to take priority, but you certainly went above and beyond to make the Chicks as successful as it was during its brief but illustrious run. Thanks, Anita!

  4. I totally know where you are coming from and have missed you at my place but figure you're pressed for time (like I have been.)

    Glad you will still be dipping from the Inkwell!!!


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