Monday, February 28, 2011

Giveaway at the Inkwell

I'm over at Inkwell Inspirations talking about growing sprouts in my kitchen. If you've never grown this healthy, attractive protein, then come on over and see how easy it is.

Here's a photo of a small, spicy selection I grew in my kitchen this past week. I started on Monday and this is what the sprouts looked like by yesterday (Sunday).

I'll be picking 3 names out of the people who comment on my sprouting post at the Inkwell and each will win one tablespoon of sprouting seeds as detailed in the post, to see if they like this type of gardening. Ability to send in mail will be dependent upon winner's location in accordance with local postal and customs regulations. Contest ends Thursday, March 3rd at midight.


  1. Hey! What a switch from your snow photos!!
    I have sprouting seeds in my fridge and the little sprouting tube but quit last summer when they fermented a couple of times in a row.

    We now support a local gardener who sells organic mixed sprouts--LOVE the radish!!!

    Miss you!

  2. Hey Patti, you've been on my heart this past week, but I haven't been blog surfing or on FB to see how you're actually doing. I hope I didn't miss anyone's birthday. I really like that part of Facebook.

    Yuck on the fermentation. :(

    You're blessed to have a local organic grower. You love the radish, eh. Must go with your 'spicy' personality. LOL

    Thanks for checking on me. I'll keep praying for you and hopefully get back to surfing soon, too.

    Anita Mae.


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