Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan: Good News, Bad News

We’re already into February! Oh yay, oh yay. Just 6 more weeks of snow – 10 tops. I hope.

I found the perfect way to have January slip by without notice of the cold outside – I stayed in my cave. But I’m getting ahead of myself... here’s my monthly report:


Nick has been invited to join the Street Invaders Youth Mission Team to South Africa this summer. Yikes! I thought Australia was far last year, but S. Africa just seems so much farther somehow. One thing is for sure... we have to start fundraising for his ticket. Ideas, anyone?


My weight loss schedule has wobbled a bit. Not so much because of the holidays, but with the 53 lb loss, I was cold all the time. Major cold. Seriously. The doctor said it was because my bones were starving and I had to eat more protein. In my attempt to do so, I changed my eating habits, went over my self-imposed daily calorie count, and ended up gaining weight. So, I’m back to losing – hopefully with better food choices. I’ll be doing a blogpost at Inkwell Inspirations on Monday, Feb 28th about my weight loss journey, my starving bones, and what I needed to feed them.


Remember my manuscript submission of Emma’s Outlaw last Nov? Well, I received an email from the editor and she’s passed on it. That’s a nice way of saying she rejected it. Funny thing is, it seems to have rolled off my shoulders without a qualm because I don’t feel sad. Haven’t even shed a tear over it. You think I’m still in shock?

Meanwhile, I’ve written 65% of the first draft of The Key to His Heart, my new 1888 story with a North West Mounted Police (NWMP) officer as the hero. Much of that progress can be attributed to the ACFW for its NovelTrack initiative where the mbrs support and encourage each other along. Thank you, ACFW.

Also, Barbour Publishing has opened its doors to authors who’d like to write novellas for their anthologies. My Inky sisters and I are working on some proposals together. At the moment, our stumbling block is that we need another published author to join us – preferably one Barbour is familiar with. And although I’d love for our projects to reach the publication stage, these group proposals are teaching me so many things about writing and submitting proposals as well as team writing. Great stuff there.

I'll be drawing a name for a free book from all those comments received on this post (blogger and facebook) by Sunday midnight CST. The winner will be announced on Mon, Feb 7th and will have the choice of one book from a list which will include both secular (ABA markets) and inspirational (CBA markets). Some are autographed. I'd go pick one out now, but they're in my office garage and it's too cold outside. I'm also thinking you'd rather choose one yourself.

So, what’s January been like for you?


  1. South Africa? Wow! Think I could pretend to be a youth and go with him?

    Anita, there is a difference between dieting (which really isn't that healthy for you) and eating sensibly and healthily. Please don't do permanent damage to yourself by not eating sensibly.

    Sorry that Emma's Outlaw was passed on, but don't give up on it. Maybe it just wasn't right for that particular editor, or maybe it needs a little more work. But whichever the reason, push on with it because the story you wrote is worthy pf being published.

    My January has been a series of ups and downs, with mostly ups. School is going great, my kids are wonderful. Writing - well not so great, but the other things must come first for me at this point in my life.

  2. Hey Josi, yeah, S. Africa. It kinda worries me, you know? Australia seemed so ... safe.

    As for the weight loss, I'm not dieting at all. Last March, I decided to change my eating habits and start living healthier and that's how I've lost the weight.

    I'm under a doctor's supervision and she's thrilled that my BP has come down from 150 to 110. She said it's 'perfect' now. And when she told me in Nov to increase my protein, I did. I eat more than the recommended daily allowance. However, she said I erred because I've been eating vegetable vs plant protein. (Funny, I always thought beans were a vegetable.)

    Anyway, I don't agree with dieting so you have no worries there.

    I hear you about the writing. People go through cycles in their life and although they can always make time for writing, sometimes they have to put other things first. At least kids grow. :D

    Thanks for stopping in and sharing. I'll put your name in the draw.

    Anita Mae.

  3. Coming out of Lurkdom to say sorry about the 'pass'. I hear you on letting it roll, I found the same thing when a publisher rejected my full at the end of December. Must be we're growing as writers, eh?

    As for the dieting - not sure if you've given eggs any thought, but I've been having a boiled egg every morning with my cereal and fruit and am noticing a huge difference in my 'coldness' and hair loss (yes, menopausal hairloss). An egg has only 75 calories (give or take) and 6g of protein.

    Good luck with the weight loss (love that you're doing it slow and steady - and eating well). And good luck with the new manuscript and nouvella endeavor :)

  4. hey there Anita
    thanks for the family update. wow...South Africa does seem to be far away. i think the furthest I went was Israel, then again maybe it was the Phillipines. Anyway, what's the exchange rate nowdays? I'd like to contribute to Nick's ticket. what's the best way? Call it paying back for all the people who supported my Teen Missions trips when I was young. I think it's so awesome.

    I'm sure your weight loss will get back on track now that you've figured out where you erred. My weight hasn't gone anywhere, but I'm thinking it's for similar reasons as your wobble. Food portion size and type. I'll be popping over to the Inkwell to see your post (well i pop over there every day anyhow).

    *hugs* for Emma's pass. i think perhaps you aren't as sad about it because you're occupied with your next MS. did the editor give you any clues about the pass? or any info on how it can be improved? just wondering. you know how I feel about your work.

    my Jan passed too quickly. the family gained a dog (a rescue Akita named Kaji - she's a sweet, sweet dog just shy of three years old). of course now i joke that i've three children in the house. Kaji, Guppy, and DH *heh* i'm also attempting to do a writers challenge on eHarl to see if i can get back into the writing swing.

    feel free to email me with info for Nick's trip.


  5. Thanks Janet - oh, nice pic - I hadn't seen this one of you before.

    I do eat eggs a few times a week but thanks for the tip. Now that my cholesterol is coming under control, I'll increase my egg quota because I truly love eggs. :D

    Sorry about your ms. I hadn't heard that, either, but then I missed the last mtg so didn't see anyone. :( But I hope you're not letting all that sea air get to you and draw you away from writing. You know you have a gift.

    Thanks for bringing me up-to-date. Now, we're I put that touque... :D

    Anita Mae.

  6. South Africa! How exciting for Nick and what a fabulous opportunity but I'm with you, I'd be a little bit apprehensive, too.

    Sorry to hear about Emma's Outlaw but glad to hear you're taking it in stride :)

    Congrats on the weight loss. You go, girl!

  7. I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommend by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

  8. Really, Deb? That's so sweet. I'd ask if you're sure and say you don't need to but I've always figured you for a smart gal who already knows that. :D

    I've just been in touch with the AMYI/Street Invaders office in Calgary, AB to see how best to handle this and they said there's already an account set up there for Nick and any donations designated for him will go into that account.

    And you've got me thinking... my family is spread all over Canada and use my blog to see what we're up to... I think I'll write a blogpost with all the info everyone needs to donate to Nick's mission trip. I didn't last year but other kids did and AMYI keeps a record of it all, gives out receipts, buys his ticket, etc. So thank you for mentioning it and kickstarting me into action.

    I'm excited that you'll be doing the eHarl challenge(s) again. They contributed enormously to my writing improvement. Let me know if they ever need a judge, okay?

    So you have an akita, a guppy and a what? DH sounds like a boring name after akita and guppy. Hmm - we could always call him Scooby. LOL

    Bless you, Deb. I'll be sending you an email later today or tomorrow anyway because you've been on my mind all week.

    Anita Mae.

  9. Thanks, Karyn. I'm still waiting to hear news about your writing, too. Sorry I missed the mtg at your place. Hopefully this month's weather will be better.

    And about Nick, at least S.Africa is on the opposite side of the continent to Egypt. But really, the whole place seems volatile to me. :( Would I be helping or hurting the cause though, if I put my foot down and demanded he stay where it's safe. Where is safe these days anyway.

    Oh, gonna have lots of names in that touque. :)

    Anita Mae.

  10. Hey Anonymous, so glad you found me. Say hi to your friend for me, okay?

    Bless you,

    Anita Mae.

  11. ah, Anita...
    I've an Akita, a Guppy, and since my husband was a Boatswains Mate in the Navy... a Deck Ape. yep, that's one of the nicknames for that rate.
    a veritable zoo, my household *heh* me? i'm a big teddy bear

  12. Deb, I could never call your fab hubby a Deck Ape. Nope. Sorry. So you'll have to forgive me if I refer to him as Scooby. :D

    Anita Mae.

  13. i don't call him a Deck Ape either. i prefer "Boats".

    actually, if he's going to be a cartoon, he'd prefer to be referred to as Taz, because he can never really stay still.

  14. Hey, I like Boats. Taz is okay, too. Lots of names for him. He can pick up on your mood by whatever name you call him. LOL

    Anita Mae.

  15. Deb, I just remembered about your question...
    No, the editor didn't say a thing about Emma's Outlaw. Not that it didn't suit or needs work or anything. Just that she was going to pass. I had hoped at least a mention of submiting something else, but nope, not a thing. :(

    Anita Mae.

  16. Hey there, Anita,

    Good to find you again. I've missed you. Remember all the chats on TWRP. I haven't been there in a while. Congratulations on your son's mission trip. I think going to another country would help us all be grateful for America.

    You've done well on your weight loss. I must get going again, too. Be sure to take plenty of supplements. Capsaicum (cayenne) will keep your blood warm and circulating.

    About the Barbour Novella, I would be interested in the being the "other" author, if they will consider me. I haven't written for Barbour yet, but have had two novellas (in anthologies) published last year by Victory Tales Press. "A Summer Collection Anthology" and "A Sweet Christmas Collection." Both can be found at Create Space and on Amazon.

    Let me know at landtbeth@yahoo.com

  17. Hey Laurean, so nice to see you here. I haven't been visiting TWRP chats since they stopped the monthly historical ones. There were only a couple of us writers showing up so the editors outnumbered us.

    At the Edit Cafe, which is Barbour's editorial blogspot, Becky said a few days ago that they have their spots picked for 2012 anthologies.

    However, we are thinking of carrying on with this project although not as high a priority as it was before.

    Let me give your info to my Inky sisters. I'll show them your blog and direct them to your work. We'll see if we think you'll be a good fit for this project.

    I kept wanting to ask if you followed Journey to Forgiveness with anything for TWRP and your overall experience working with them. I'll email you about that.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your comment reminded me I need to pick a winner for the giveaway that ended last night. Sorry you missed it, but there'll be others.

    Thanks again,

    Anita Mae.


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