Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anita's Winter Farm Photos

Anita Mae took all these photos within the last week.

This is our driveway.

You're looking east.

The front of our house faces south.

Hubby put a metal roof on last year so the snow will slide off easier.

One of these days the snow will slide off the roof onto the back of our necks!

This was taken last Friday as I headed west to the City of Regina. It was 5 pm and the sun makes it look darker than it actually was

This is really how it looked. And just think that 2 months ago, it was dark at this time.

This is my garden and I'm looking NorthEast.

Frost on my kitchen window looking like tiny angels.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Anita. You know the Prairie Chicks should really have a winter scene in the winter, spring in the spring, well you get the picture (ha). So, are you willing to let us use the first picture for our blog - it really is beautiful?

    If you agree, send it to me as an attachment and I'll get The Husband to work his magic (pixels/size/proportion) and put it up for our winter picture.


  2. Hey, I'm glad you like them.

    Sure I'll send it to you. I have similar ones taken closer to the edge of the yard where you can see more of the open prairie. Some with the sunrise, too. Maybe I'll go through them and send a couple for you to chose from.

    I'll send it this evening when the kids are home and I can't use my time for writing. :)

  3. You live in paradise! Cold paradise, but paradise. :)

  4. LOL Kel, did you notice the lack of people? We have one close neighbor a bit over half a mile away and that's it for a couple miles. And that's why we love living here!

    Actually when you look at the first pic, the bus comes from the north, turns into our driveway, stops a couple yards from our front step, goes around the yardlight island, then whips back out again. We are at the end of the line so the kids don't even have to wait out in the cold by the road.

    And if you think it's paradise, come visit us in June for our jamboree weekend. We need singers. :)

  5. cool pictures Anita. your place reminds me of my grandparents farm in North Dakota. great memories there...


  6. Yeah, I know you didn't update your blog yet, but I came for the peace and calm of these pics.

    Thank you.

    Won't be online much today. Catch up with you later?

    June is moving month. Sorry.

  7. Hey Deb - now isn't that interesting because I live just a couple hrs from ND. It's the main reason I use a US postal box.

    Plus, ND is the location of my Prairie Junction series. :)

    And yes, I have great memories of my grandparents farm, too although that was in Ontario.

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. Hey Kel, you can visit me anytime virtual or reality for any reason but I like the fact you find peace in my pics.

    So June is moving month, eh. Well, aren't you lucky. I knew you'd come up with an excuse not to sing but that's really carrying it a bit too far, wouldn't ya say? LOL

  9. I figured stubbing my toe wasn't a good enough excuse. But a MOVE, well, you can't really demand my attendance can you?

  10. No, Kel, I won't demand your attendance.

    On the other hand, I've moved so many times I know what a stress it entails. And now I have an excuse... er ... too bad I can't help ya, Kel. :(

    I'm busy that weekend. :)

  11. nice photos. I especially like the last one!

  12. Thanks, Art. I appreciate you saying so.

    Hoarfrost is so fleeting and yet it's exquisite in detail.

    Just goes to remind us not to overlook the little things in life.


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