Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prairie Chick Picks One

I'm blogging today over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance about how I finally chose the genre I'm going to concentrate my writing on these next few years.

I wanted to show you a current farm image so I opened my door and took a few pics. Imagine my surprise when I loaded them and discovered I hadn't downloaded the photos I took of Montana on my last day of travel. Now these photos are special because I was finally - just hours from home - able to capture the elusive hoodoo on film. I tried to describe a hoodoo to my crit partner/roomie Gwen at the conference but I didn't do it justice. So hopefully she'll get an idea from these.

This photo was taken looking up a hill on the north side of Culbertson in the northeast corner of Montana just 65 mls/104 kms south of the Can/US border.

Now, it doesn't look like much, right? But my fingers started tingling. I got back on the road and headed north, up past the hoodoos, turned around and parked close to them. Here's a closer look:

And still closer:

Isn't it amazing what a bit of wind erosion and the right soil/limestone can do, eh?

And in case you don't live near the 49th parallel and have wondered what the Can/US border really looks like, here it is:

That small white obelisk on the left side is the actual 49th parallel marker. Doesn't look like much standing between the 2 countries, does it?

Anyway, back to the Prairie Chicks, the questions today have to do with series books:

- How many books do you think should make up a series and why?

- What type of series do you like: Siblings? Friends? Co-workers? Same community but unknown to each other? Same family but different generations?

And in case you can't get over the Prairie Chicks and are wondering what I picked to concentrate my writing on, it's: Inspirational Historical Romance.


  1. Love the photos! I'll have to look into those hoodoo? things and see what that's all about.

    oh, by the way. where i live the border is all water. Maybe 1/3 of the entire border is a water border, eh?

    Let us know when the Afictionado Ezine is ready. I've never seen it. How do I go about reading it?

  2. hi anita!

    love the pix! especially the border shot. it's awesome that two countries can have such an amount of a border that doesn't look like much.

    i like series lengths to be in sets of three. three in general, but then to six if there's more than three to the series. nine's asking a bit much of the author i think.

    just my small opinion... i think the genre you've picked is perfect for you (but i'd love to read your suspense MS *heh*)

  3. Hey Debra, sorry I'm late getting back here.

    These hoodoos are very strange and might have a different name because of their shape. I've never seen anything like them. Most hoodoos are like mushrooms with a stem and and a small off-centre top.

    1/3 of the border is water, eh, hard to tell what country you're in.

    The Afictionado will be announced through the ACFW loop when it's ready. I've only read it once and that was at the ACFW website. I'm not sure if they attach a copy to the announcement. Guess we'll both find out.

    Thank you so much for visiting me here. :)

  4. Thanks Deb. You've always been such a staunch supporter to me and I'm humbled by it.

    Have you put your writing aside while you get ready for Guppy, then? I checked the Writer's Challenge board today and didn't recognize anyone except Mavis. But I'm glad there were lots of new people.

    Just weeks left now, eh? Keeping you and Guppy in my prayers. Oh yeah, hubby too. If he's like the rest of 'em, he's gonna need our prayers. God bless you. :)


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