Monday, February 22, 2010

At the Inkwell: Mumma and My Favorite Hymn

Today, I'm blogging at Inkwell Inspirations about my Finnish grandmother and why Mansion Over the Hilltop is my favorite hymn.

I've posted an old photograph of my grandparents taken in 1930 in Kitee, Finland as well as one taken in 1987 at their Ryland, Ontario farm.

I've included the lyrics to Mansion Over the Hilltop and added a YouTube Video of someone signing the words. (Yes, that's signing as in American Sign Language.)

So if you have a couple minutes to spare while you sip a coffee, head over to the Inkwell and read about me and Mumma.

This is the final week the Inkies will be talking about their favourite songs.


  1. Sigh. I need to head over. Have neglected my Inkies lately with LIFE!!!


  2. Hey Patti, nice to see you here and over at the Inkwell.

    I know what you mean about life. So much to write and not enough time. At least writing and plotting is something we can do anywhere. :)

    Thanks for taking time to visit.



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