Monday, May 3, 2010

Mud Bath

Just thought I'd post some photos of our muddy ride to church yesterday. The roads were so greasy, we fishtailed a wee bit a few times. As a professional driver, hubby was in his element.

Then we got behind a 'Sunday driver' who wouldn't pull over to let us pass. We had to follow him (hubby says it was a her) for about 20 km/20 miles. He/she was going so slow. And then we were late for church. *sigh

When we arrived in Glenavon, we saw they had received a lot more snow than us. Or maybe it was just that theirs stayed around while ours melted.

After, when we were having brunch at the bakery, I was telling them that I had prayed the whole way. My prayers consisted of asking God to put His hands on the wheel. Hubby perked up and said, "So that's why it was so hard to steer." LOL


  1. My daughter and sil are in Nashville and are saying hello to flooded highways, even a closed church that they wanted to visit.

    Perhaps God is talking to us...


  2. Oh wow Patti. I haven't seen any photos yet but I've read the emails about concern for the RWA. I already have my tickets booked and am of mixed minds right now. I ache for the people and businesses affected by the flood and rains. And yet I want my trip to go off as planned, you know? I guess a lot of prayer is in order.

    Thanks for touching base with me.



  3. Anita
    I think your husband is a rare find:
    a professional fish tail expert and a guy with a sense of humour!
    I suggest keeping him!!


  4. Keep him? After 33 yrs of wedded bliss, I think he's glued to me. LOL

  5. It's quite the interesting start to May out here on the prairies!


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