Monday, August 30, 2010

Fruit Fly Trap & Giveaway Winner

Using, I've picked a winner from those people commenting on my Beach and Boardwalk Giveaway post whether they commented on my personal blog, on Facebook, or on my eharlequin blog.

And the winner of a copy of Jillian Hart's A McKaslin Homecoming is . . .

Patti Lacy who commented on my personal blog.

Yay! Congrats, Patti.

Thank you everyone who stopped in for a visit.

Today's photo is not for the squeamish. So, if you have a soft stomach, don't look!

Here's the background... When we went to Orlando, I didn't think we left any fruit out in the open. When we got back after a week's absence, I found a soft banana on the counter. Here's the yucky part - the end of the banana had fallen off and little white maggots were having a feast. I promptly threw it out.

However, we now had fruit flies dancing around the room. They were flying out of everywhere! After a few days, I was ready for battle.

I remembered a fly trap which works on the principle that flies can get into things, but if the entrance is 'up', they can't get out.

So, I cut up a canteloupe and placed 2 - 1" pieces in a bowl which I covered with plastic wrap. I then used a pointed object to poke a quarter inch hole in the plastic.

Within the hour, I'd caught my first fruit fly. Three days later I took this photo prior to emptying the bowl. The trap had done it's job and the house was clear of fruit flies.

The blue circle is around the only hole in the plastic. Yay! An unqualified success.



  1. Yippee! for the book prize!
    Yuk for the little no see-ums or fruit flies or whatever.

    We have them here in Normal, too...


  2. Hey Patti, congrats again. Can I send your book during the 2nd week of Sept? I'll be going down to check my US post office box then and I'd rather mail it from there.

    Or will you be at the ACFW conference? I can hand it to you in person. :)

    Yeah, those little flies are pesky. Found a couple more wandering about today so another set may have hatched. Will have to buy more canteloupe next time we got to the store.

    Thanks for visiting. :)

    Anita Mae.

  3. very ingenious of you Anita. i'll have to remember that technique the next time little bugs haunt our house.

    getting prepped for possible hurricane weather around here. we may wander to the Grandparents abode over the holiday weekend if DH's job will permit.


  4. Well, Deb, I know you'll do whatever is best to keep li'l Guppy safe. I'm praying for you guys. Thanks for telling me. :)

    Anita Mae.


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