Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bunkering Down

I'll be bunkering down for Book in a Week with the Sask Romance Writers starting Jan 15. Yes, I've almost reached the mid-point of NovelTrack with the ACFW but this is when my writing intensifies.

You see, during Aug-Nov of 2010, I basically stayed in my cave all day and evening, only coming out for pit stops while completing Emma's Outlaw. The family took care of me. They made meals and called me when it was time to eat. They did the dishes, laundry, etc.

In return, I gave them an old-fashioned Christmas complete with lots of homemade baking from scratch. I made the meals and did the dishes, etc. I've continued that in January.

However, as of this Saturday morning, all that stops. Last night one of the boys even asked when it's their turn to do the dishes again and I reminded them about this weekend. He nodded and left.

The main problem is that it's now too cold to work in my office in our converted garage until April so my current cave is in a corner of the living room. The boys want to have a friend over this weekend - from after Youth Group Friday night until we bring him to church Sunday morning. I said okay but reminded them they have to stay downstairs in the basement where the XBox lives (now that we cleaned the area) and be quiet because I'll be working. I ignored the look of horror on their faces. I like to think it was more of a respectful nature. LOL

Meanwhile, here's a photo taken the last week of Dec 2010 with my new iPhone. It was taken about a mile from our farm, which is when I was able to convince Nelson to stop and allow me to roll down the window. Once that man gets going, he doesn't like stopping until he gets there. And if he stopped every time I wanted to take a photo, we'd never get anywhere. :)

Final Sundog of 2010.

So far I've seen one sundog in 2011. Have you?


  1. Hello, Josi. Thanks for asking.

    I was going to answer here but I went into such detail I decided to write another blog about it and give you the credit for the idea. :)

    The simple answer is:
    light refracting through ice crystals

    But if you want more info, check back tomorrow.

    And thanks for dropping in for a look see.

    Anita Mae.

  2. Bunkering down, eh? GREAT mix between bunking and hunkering?:)

  3. Hey, Patti. That sounds like good reasoning.

    However, I guess I was reverting back to my military career because I was kind of thinking about a bunker. You know - like a cave - someplace to hide out and write during the coldest month of the year. :)

    But hey, whatever works. LOL

    Anita Mae.


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