Monday, March 19, 2012

Mamma's Memoirs at Author Memories

Since I don't have a guest blogger on my Author Memories blog this week, I posted the second part of the memoirs of Mamma, Tyyne Henrekson. You can find the parts here:

Part 1 - Mamma's early years in Finland

Part 2 - Meeting and marrying Pappa and emigrating to Canada

Since posting Part 1, I received a long email from Aunt Taimi DisCala (nee Henrekson) who is Mamma and Pappa's eldest daughter. She added some neat details which I've included in the post. This helps explain some of the things Mamma shared as we were growing up, but she didn't mention in her memoirs when she wrote them at the age of 84 in 1992.

If anyone has photos they'd like share about Mamma and Pappa, please let me know. I'm especially looking for a photo of the original log building they first moved into. When I was little, Pappa used it as the garage/workshop with all his nuts and bolts. It was beside the house and in front of the woodshed. The only photo I have of it is the one I used in Mamma's Memoirs Part 2 with Taimi and her kids, but I'd like to have a photo with more of the building to add earlier in the post.

Also, if anyone has photos of any of the farm whether it's buildings, yard, garden. People and animals are fine, too. :)

Once the 3rd and final part of Mamma and Pappa's history is posted on Author Memories, I'd like to copy them to a blog specifically for the genealogy of the Kakkonen history here in Canada including references and info about Finland. Anyone with info and/or photos can write a post for the blog to share with the family and our descendents.


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