Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dragonfly Kiss

Look what I found on top of the van's antenna the other day...

Oh, kiss me, my darling...
Well, what do you think it's saying?


  1. not sure what made me smile more -- your caption or your request to see what we thought the caption should be! Fun!
    Great photo!

  2. i was thinking the little bugger was inspired by the Olympics - doing his pommel horse routine.

    "look at the extension on his wings, Bart..."

  3. I love dragonflies. This one is certainly very into the antennae. Maybe it looks like a giant lump of something delicious.

  4. Sorry about the late response. I saw the comments trickle in, but was struggling with a chapter and couldn't allow myself to get distracted. Then forgot. Ugh.

    Elaine, I thought about that caption for weeks before posting it. Usually I'll think of a good one, forget it, then can't recall what I was going to use. This one stuck with me - sorry of like buddy up there. LOL

  5. Hey, good one, DebH. I never thought that before, but yes, it sure fits. :D

  6. Well, Susanne, since we travel at 100 km per hour, and the windshield is usually splattered with bug guts - sorry, but that's what it is - it makes me wonder what's on top of the antenna because that's only a foot or so in front of the windshield albeit a foot high. shudder

    In other words... maybe it is delicious. mwahahahahahahaha


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