Friday, February 15, 2013

Ten-Ton Meteorite Too Close For Comfort!

Can you believe how close the 10-ton meteorite came to hitting earth? At first, I thought it was the Asteroid 2012 DA14 which passed through our satellite communication orbit today, but it was a meteorite which burst through the earth's atmosphere, apparently burning up on the entry. Details are still sketchy, but here are some links you may be interested in checking out:

1 . The National Post has some exceptional images, including maps, coupled with English text on this event.

Photo credit: 

2. This Russian video is taken from a dash-cam. It shows an awesome view of the meteorite coming in, but you have to wait until 18:32:12 thereabouts for the sonic boom to hit.

3. Alexander Bulanov has a great silent video taken from a traffic cam. It clearly shows the meteorite flashing over the intersection, but I can't see evidence of the sonic boom. Nothing much happens after the flash.

4. This Russian video shows the confusion that erupted when the shock wave smashed into the earth from 30 to 120 seconds after the meteorite entered the earth's atmosphere. Lots of yelling in Russian but they get their point across.

5. Ilya Varlamov's Live Journal includes some of the above videos and much more. It's in Russian, but good visuals of the confusion and breakage that followed.

Note: This is not the asteroid that passed between our communication satellite orbit and the earth today. This is a separate incident that just happened within the same 24 hr period. Coincidence?

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