Saturday, June 22, 2013

Jessie's Flying to Indonesia

Do you remember when we went to Calgary in April for Jessie's convocation?

Well, she's now been out of college for 2 months and by the time you read this she'll have left the country and be on her way to Indonesia - if not already there. I feel like bawling.

I'm thrilled for her - really, I am. And so proud of her. She applied for one of 16 internship positions with Samaritan's Purse for an overseas mission. So did 71 other applicants.

When we saw Jessie in Calgary, she'd made it to the short list and by the beginning of May she texted to say she got the internship. And in case you're wondering, yes, this is the same organization that collects for the Operation Christmas Child every November.

The last 6 weeks have been a whirlwind of preparations. Her passport wouldn't expire for 3 months after she got back, but they wanted her to get a new one before she left Canada. Just in case.

She needed a physical, shots, and lots of paperwork completed. Just when she thought she was done, she'd text that she had more stuff to do.

A couple hours ago she texted with the details:

  • Leave Calgary tomorrow at 0700
  • Fly to Vancouver
  • Fly to LA
  • Fly for 20 hrs to Singapore
  • Fly to Indonesia
  • Arrive Monday morning local time (not sure what time that is here)

And she won't be back until the new year.

Yes, that's right... she won't be back until January 2014 since the mission lasts 7 months. Minimum. *sniff

When we asked what she'll be doing, she texted, I'll be doing sustainable agriculture research including vermiculture and pig farming...

In case you're wondering, vermiculture is using earthworms to compost kitchen scraps into soil. We practiced it when we lived in Ontario and it works great. The worm casings help create a nutrient-rich compost that goes back into the garden. (Don't add add meat scraps, citrus or banana peels, though.) So it sounds like she'll be getting her hands dirty. Heh.

I just went to the Samaritan's Purse Canada website and Jessie is listed as an intern on their blog which talks about the 2013 interns and says in part:

These interns will support Samaritan's Purse and local partners by researching and applying sustainable agriculture and natural farming techniques, developing training materials for future community use, and helping our local partner develop results-based management skills.

And then it has her name listed like this:

Jessica Draper
Jessica is from Montmartre, Saskatchewan, and graduated with a Human Services degree from Rocky Mountain College in Calgary, Alberta. She has a passion for volunteering and non-profit work.

*sniff - I'm so proud of her. And I miss her already although she's still in Calgary as I write this. 

Please remember Jessie in your prayers - not only for a safe flight en route, but her well-being while she's away.

I'm going to miss texting her. I need a hug.

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