Thursday, April 9, 2015

Evening Walk Photos: April 8, 2015

Red-Winged Blackbird, South of Montmartre, SK, April 8, 2015

Now that winter is over and the warmer weather has returned, Nelson and I have started taking a walk in the evenings. Not far, but down our country road where we stop and listen to the migrating birds and I try to capture them to share with those who may not get to experience the prairie as we do. 

The top photo is a red-winged blackbird who sat atop the wolf willows at the end of our driveway. It seems he's claimed his territory since he sat there alone singing in an attempt to attract the attention of any nearby females. He paused his singing as we passed, but continued as we turned onto the main road. 

Canada Geese Pair in Flight, South of Montmartre, SK, April 8, 2015

Our attention was drawn to a pair of low-flying Canada geese who were preparing to land in the nearby slough. I tried to film their landing because I love the way their feet come out as if they're stepping on the brakes, but it happened so fast, I missed it.

Snow Geese in Flight, South of Montmartre, SK, April 8, 2015

The air was filled with honking snow geese, except as soon as they spotted us on that empty road, they quieted and silently arced around us before continuing on their path. Incredible.

Canada Geese Pair, South of Montmartre, SK, April 8, 2015

While passing our dugout, I heard a Canada goose loudly honking its presence, but couldn't see it so I waited. Seconds later, a pair swam into the middle reminding me of the swan photos I took last summer. I don't know if this Canada Geese pair are in migration or will nest for the summer, but they're welcome to stay.

Country Road, South of Montmartre, SK, April 8, 2015

We headed home, noting that the spring runoff had lowered considerably. In a few weeks this quiet stretch of road will be filled with sounds of grain trucks and tractors pulling augers and seeders as the farmers return to plant their crops.

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