Saturday, December 20, 2008

My 32 yr Old Wedding Photo

In June 1976, I met a very special man, became his fiancee in Sept and married him in Dec.

He was a young Corporal and I a Private in the CAF. With those salaries, we didn't have the money for an expensive wedding. I bought satin, lace, tulle and a pattern, and a friend of mine stitched my dress.

It might have been a whirlwind romance, but it’s lasted 32 yrs.

Happy Anniversary, honey.

(For those of you who know me now, can you believe that photo?!)


  1. Wow, aren't you two adorable! Happy Anniversary to you and your honey.

  2. You're beautiful, and you're still beautiful!!

  3. Kelly and Cheryl - you are are so nice...thank you.

  4. DebH says

    what a great picture to share! i can tell your hubby is a handsome man and you're a perfect match for him.

    Happy Anniversary!!!


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