Thursday, March 19, 2009

Draper's Acres Photo Fun

Welcome to Draper's Acres - our official farm name. You can see our farm in the middle of this photo - behind the shack. Yes, right in the middle of that copse of trees.

I took this photo yesterday - March 19th because it proves that there is grass beneath all that snow - can you see the grass in the foreground of the photo? It might be brownish colored at this time, but trust me, it is definitely grass.

During winters of heavy snow cover like this one, many farmers feed the wild deer population. You can see them in herds up to 40 strong just standing in the pastures munching. But as soon as the van stops, they take off running.

This is Chapters, a book store in Regina. I took this photo to show efriend Stephanie Newton where her new Love Inspired Suspense book - Perfect Target - was located. If you look close - real close - in the middle of the pic, you can see my daughter pointing to it. :)

Here's my daughter, Jessica pointing to Perfect Target among the rest of the Harlequin category books. By this time, there were only 2 of Steph's books left on the shelf in this huge book store. Yay!

I took this one around 7 pm last Sat as we were heading home from the city. I was trying to read and the sun kept glinting in my eyes and being a general nuisance until it dawned on me what a beautiful sight it was. If the pic looks streaky, it's because it is - from a whole lotta mud splattered up.


  1. Anita;

    Happy first day of spring! I believe your patch of ground is grass. We have been melting here too but I haven't seen any grass yet. Soon I hope!!

    Enjoy your pictures


  2. Great pictures, Anita.

    I've yet to experience anything as wonderful as spring on the prairies. The first glimpse of grass, even though it's brown, the warmth of the sun, even though the temperature is in the -teens, the extended daylight, after months of early darkness. And don't get me started on prairie sunsets :)

    Have a great first day of spring.


  3. Hey Linda, I just posted more pics (couldn't help it) and you're right, there's definitely grass. Yippee!!!

    Thanks for stopping. I would've thought you'd be all melted before us... ?

  4. Thanks, Janet. I love the spring - until the spring rains keep me off the muddy roads. Thank goodness for the road bans.

    And yes, the longer days are wonderful.

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. Thanks for routing me here, Anita! I love the photos!!! You're so awesome to take the pix--it makes it more special to see them waaaaaay up there in Canada. ;o)

    Love ya!!

  6. Ha! Did you have a hard time finding your book in the first pic? I wasn't even halfway across when I took that pic and you don't even see the other 85% of the store.

    You know what's weird eh? Imagining my book in a store that big. No wonder you squee so much... ;)


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