Friday, March 20, 2009

Snap, Crackle and Awe

So there I was answering my email and I heard these noises outside as if someone or thing was running through the bushes on the other side of the wall. Last fall the neighbor's pigs escaped and were running amok in the same spot. I grabbed my camera, slipped into my boots and charged outside, still in my fleecy jammies. (yes, again)

And I stood there in awe. In a white world, a fog bank caused the world outside the yard to just disappear. No wind. The temp is sitting at -2C/28F causing the fluffy coating of overnight snow to melt and drop from the trees in small patches. As the snow dropped, the branches snapped back into place.

Snap. Crackle. All over the yard like an orchestra. And every once in awhile, the crack of a rifle shot.

As usual, I headed to my favorite viewing area along the driveway. As I stood near our farm sign and looked up to take a photo, the clouds slipped off the sun. Oh, the warm sun, gorgeous after our long, cold winter.

While I trudged back to the house, the sun glistened off a few last icicles hanging from the eavestrough. Melted snow dripped from the new green tin roof into the metal trough, tapping a steady beat like a lone drummer. I wanted to linger out there, listen to nature shed her winter apparel...

...but I have to get back to my Genesis contest entry. The deadline's approaching... time's running out... I just wanted to let you peek into my world if only for a minute.

Happy first day of Spring.


  1. Hi Anita Mae, What beautiful pictures! I'm a California girl and not particularly enamored with snow, but your post made me want to *be* there. So peaceful! I hope the writing's going well for you. Best wishes for the Genesis : )

  2. Hey Vicki - thank you!

    Are you back home now?

    I'm getting so excited to have you blog with the Prairie Chicks on April 18th.

    Thanks for visiting me.

  3. Hi Anita Mae, I'm home and my mom's doing okay. It's been crazy getting settled again, but such is life. Can't wait for the 18th : )


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