Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Annie Oakley Visits The Inkwell

I'm blogging over at Inkwell Inspirations today about my favorite Inkspot in history . . . the one female who has inspired me the most. The answer is my namesake - Annie.

My sister has always called me Annie.

Back in the 70's, my CB handle was Annie Oakley.

I'm talking of no other than Little Annie Oakley, the greatest sharpshooter who ever lived. The young woman who shot the ashes off a cigarette while it was still held between the Kaiser's lips!

I thought I knew Annie until I started researching her for my blog post and then I realized I didn't know her at all. Because there's so much more to Annie Oakley than just the love story between her and Frank Butler. But oh, what a love story. :)

My question for the day over at the Inkwell is about role playing in your childhood. Who is your favourite character either real or imagined? In history or otherwise?

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  1. Hi, Anita. I hopped over to Inkwell as I have several times at your behest ... and nowadays, every time I get there I get an Internet Explorer error message that tells me there is something on the website that might not work properly, and then I have a lot of trouble getting the message box to go away and stay away. As a result, I haven't been able to finish reading a post there for a long time. (May be a problem with MY Explorer program, or have you heard anything about it from any other Inkie reader or post-er?) Oops, I just got the message here, too, so maybe it's my browser that's at fault.

    I was fascinated with Annie Oakley when I was young, too, tho I didn't snag her identity like you know who! I loved the movie -- Annie Get Your Gun, but then I was a tomboy and loved westerns, cowboys, cowgirls, and outlaws. (And romance!)

  2. Yes, Helena, I was a tomboy, too. My mom always wanted me to be more ladylike like my sister but I just didn't have time for that - too many adventures to go on and skirts were just plain dumb.

    No, I haven't heard of anyone else having a problem getting on or staying on the blogs so it must be your browser. Hope you get that fixed soon. Oh wait - you just went through a slew of computer probs, eh. Hmmm maybe you need to reload the browser or get a newer one.

    Thank you for visiting my blogs, Helena. It means a lot. :)


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