Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNo Day 8 Progress Report

Today is the 9th of November and I've been at NaNoWriMo for a week. I finally took a day off on Sat to attend the the Saskatchewan Romance Writers monthly meeting which was being held in Davidson instead of Saskatoon so I didn't have to drive so far. I left at 9 am and got back home at 9 pm.

Fired up from all the coffee I drank enroute, I started writing at 10 pm Sat night and kept at it until 0430 in the morning, then continued yesterday when I awoke.

So, here's my NaNoWriMo Progress Report up to and including Day 8:

Project: Revising & Adding to Emma’s Outlaw

Goal: Need 65,000 words to finish (90,000 Total)

Nano Words so far: 11,834 (38,624 Total)

Nano Goal: 18% complete (43% Overall)

I seem to be revising more that I imagined. However, I thought it would be passive writing which was a fault of mine when I wrote the first draft, but I'm also adding sensory details and filling out my characters.

I really like the way the book is coming together. And the feedback from the excerpt I posted on Prairie Chicks Write Romance last Wed was a good boost to my morale.

The week coming up is a busy one:

Wed Nov 11:

Inkwell Inspirations - posting about my alter ego Annie Oakley

Thurs Nov 12:

-Prairie Chicks Write Romance - posting about NaNo

-Inkwell Inspirations - hosting Loree Lough, author

Sat Nov 14:

- Prairie Chicks Write Romance - hosting Loree Lough


  1. I'm chomping at the bit, Anita! Over to Praire Chicks I go to get my Emma fix.... ;)

    Be blessed, my dear friend!

  2. Great going, Anita. I'm gaining ground, but slowly. I'm now up to 8,107 words (11.2%). A long way to go to reach my next Sat. goal, but there's lots of hours left in the week.

    Happy writing/revising!

  3. Dum dee dum dum, dum dee dum dum... okay Gwen, you can come back anytime and let me know if I have enough 'oomf' in the excerpt for your fix. LOL

  4. You're doing great, Helena. And good work on keeping positive. We're not even at the half way point yet so no sense getting discouraged, eh.


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