Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Adventure on the Prairie

There I was writing up a storm when Nelson asked if I'd drive Nick to Youth group tonight. I didn't really want to but Nelson is on call and has to get up early tomorrow so I said okay. What was I thinking!

First we had to drive about 35km/22mls northwest to pick up one strapping lad who didn't have a ride. Then we drove about 40 km/25mls east and south to pick up a young lass. The problem was, the lass lived way out in the boonies and we had to go a further 10km/6mls out of our way to get her. So I asked Nick to phone her and check if the summer road was open. With all the melting going on, it seemed a possibility. Nick talked to the lass's dad who said it was open.

BTW - the sunset pics were taken enroute to pick up the lad.

It wasn't. It was now dark and the road in question looked okay when I first turned onto it. About 500metres/a third of a mile in, fingers of snow about 3-4" deep crossed in front of me. I told the boys in the van that the road wasn't open but if that's all there was we would be okay. Not a minute later, I crested a hill and started down. The snow looked much worse and just as I decided to stop and retreat, I plowed into the snow. Yup, I was hung up on a hard drift. Nick called the lass's dad who said he'd come pull us out.

Roughly an hour later we were on our way again. Since the dad brought the lass out to us we didn't have to go pick her up. Even so, we didn't get to the youth leader's house until 9:30 - 2 hrs late.

We left at midnight. This time we drove the long way around to drop off the lass. Instead of taking the young lad all the way back home, he was coming with us for a sleepover.

By the time I arrived home at 0100, I'd put 190 km/118 miles on the van.

Since the lass said her dad chuckled all the way to pull us out, I can imagine what the men will say to me at church on Sunday. But first I'll have to face Nelson in the morning. That's it, I'm going to bed.


  1. Beautiful photos Anita. You are a woman of many talents!

  2. Wow, you get after it, don't you?
    Could'a used you in that barn this weekend!!


  3. Wow, what an adventure! Not something that happens to me too often, maybe when I'm trying to go cross country to an SRW meeting on unfamiliar secondary highways. Also reminds me of a vacation in B.C. that included a search for a fishing stream that we never did find! But I was not the driver, nor was I any help with navigating.

    BTW, remind me to attempt once more on the time change question, but it will be more fun in person!

  4. Thanks Joanne. These pics are very tame compared to some I've been blessed with taking. But I was trying to get the glory of a sunset where only the sun appeared beneath the bank of clouds and my little digital doesn't have the zoom power to really do the sunset justice. Oh well. I appreciate you visiting and saying it. :)

  5. Oh, I'm so late with these comments...

    Patti - I would've given you a run for your money that's for sure although I'm used to milking goats and their teats are a lot smaller than your average cow. Mind you, I never did like the tail swat to the face thing. At least you don't get that with the goats. LOL

  6. Hey Helena, it was my own fault for trying to take a shortcut! I just wasn't thinking but I should've been especially with other kids in the van. It's not a good thing to tell other parents I was so tired I figured what the heck. sheesh.

    Have I told you I absolutely love having the time zone map on the bottom of my blog? :)


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