Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings Time - NOT!

It's Monday and apparently Daylight Savings Time kicked in over the weekend. But those of us who live in Saskatchewan, Canada, don't change. This means instead of being in Central Standard Time (CST), I'm now on Mountain Standard Time (MST).

It also means there'll be a 2 hr time difference between me and my friend Gwen in Michigan and my other friend Deb in New York instead of only one. :(

I have to remember to log on an hour earlier to the Steeple Hill and Wild Rose Press chats or they'll be half over before I have a chance to say hello.

And it means I'll have to re-aquaint myself with the TV scheduling for those shows coming from the east or I'll miss those, too.

Such is the life of a person living in the middle of nowhere who is thankful her government doesn't bow to public pressure. I may have to readjust to some timings, but at least I'm not trying to reset my inner clock and fool my mind, body and senses into thinking there's an extra hour of daylight in the evening when there's not.

I took the photo last week from my bedroom window.

So what do you think of Daylight Savings Time? Like it? Lump it?


  1. Lump it NOW...but like it when the summer sun peeks its head over the horizon around 6:00--so I've got about a month to go??!!


  2. Patti, the sun currently rises about 0730 but in June, it will be up around 0500. Considering I write until 0200 or 0300, and the birds start chattering 30 mins before dawn even breaks, sometimes they start making a ruckus as I'm trying to go to sleep.

    Blessings right back atcha,


  3. Oops - I'm scheduling guests for Prairie Chicks and I guess I forgot to switch back to my own google account. Yowza.

  4. I always think I like springing forward, and then I realize I lose not one hour, but MULTIPLE hours, for some mysterious reason. I bet I'll find all those missing hours with all the missing socks someday.
    : )

  5. So glad our clocks never get changed!

    Just a bit of a correction, Anita. We stay on Central Standard year round, which is the same as Mountain Daylight right now. Some say we are on daylight time all year (never mind the name of the zone -- it's Saskatchewan time!)

    Best thing is I'm on the same time now as my Alberta families, AND I can watch the TV shows from the west coast at a fairly decent time.

    Let's hope our govt leaves it alone.

  6. Ah Niki, that's precious. Love your attitude.


  7. Hey Helena, thanks for the correction, but I can't promise I'll use it...

    If I say I'm at 7PM CST and my friends are at 8PM CST, then I have to go into the whole why-we-don't-go-on-DST shpeal. It's much easier to say I'm on MST. (Easier for me to remember, too.) LOL

    But thank you, I appreciate you setting me straight.


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