Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chauffeuring JJ

It's a glorious spring day and I'm going to be spending it chauffeuring my son to his activities. The little guy is 3 months shy of turning 12 so he hasn't been able to attend any Youth retreats yet like his big brother.

However, this weekend he was old enough to attend a Jr retreat in the city so he's been gone since last night. The trouble is this is also the big coin show weekend and he's the president of the Regina CoinHawks.

So that means I have to skedadle into the city, pick him up from his billet, scoot him over to the Western Christian College to set up his coin display (on Canadian Tire money), then scoot him back over to his retreat activities. He should be in time for his first session.

Then at noon, I pick him up, bring him back to the Coin Show to preside over the CoinHawk meeting, then shuttle him back to the retreat for the last session. He'll be done by 6pm and then we can come home.


Somebody tell me why the 2 biggest things in this little guy's life have to happen the same weekend when he's free every other one?

Have a great day! Oh, this is what it looked like at 6 am at my house:


  1. Seize these moments, Momma Chaeuffeur!


  2. Seize them? LOL

    I drove 100k/60 miles to the city, and then another 80k/50 mls driving back and forth on Ring Road around the city because his retreat was on the SE side and the Coin Show was on the NW side. Back and forth all Sat. Phew. At least yesterday I had a chance to relax and actually enjoy the displays.

    Oh, and JJ won for his Jr display.

  3. Congratulate JJ for his win!

    Sometimes I have to forcibly remind myself that all this driving we parents do is just for a season...sigh. But I'm starting to feel like I live in my car.


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