Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Book Giveaway Contest

I'm back from my annual writing retreat at St. Peter's College and feeling great! I got so much done while at the monastery and want to share my joyful feelings, so I'm giving away a new copy of Jillian Hart's Love Inspired The Soldier's Holiday Vow. Yes, the book was released in Dec 2009 but the one I'm giving away has never been read.

I want to make this a fun contest which involves both writers and readers.

Last week, my son and I had a bit of excitement when we found what we thought was 100 sticks of dynamite on the side of the road. Well, it wasn't dynamite but an empty U.S. fireworks container. The thing is, it could have been a dangerous situation.

One of the readers of my blog over at eHarlequin mentioned something about possible terrorists planning a raid at the G8/G20 summit in Toronto.

My theory is that it was left as part of an exercise by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Training Academy which is in Regina, close to where I found the item.

Now it's your turn. Leave a comment on this post between now and midnight June 30th for your name in the draw.

You'll get your name thrown in again, every time you play this 'Who, What, Why' game:
  1. What did the container contain? 
  2. Who left it? 
  3. Why did they leave it? 
  4. What was the result? 
  5. What is your email address (Use the (dot) and [at] to keep the web spiders from latching onto it.)

That means, you don't need to answer in the above format if you don't want to, but if you do, you'll get an extra chance at winning the book.

I'll make the draw on Canada Day, July 1st.

Have fun... maybe this will inspire a new story for you.



  1. Tom Lumas, 17 years old, a part time worker was running a little late for a delivery to Skunk Hallow Cinema. He had to make this delivery on time or it was his neck. He had messed before by being just a little bit late and there was the time that he forgot to load the truck!
    He was driving his old blue dented Ford truck loaded with a large bundle of cardboard canisters in the back of the truck. The canisters had all been were tied together so he could easily lift out of the truck and give them to Mr. Horton, the owner of the movie theatre. The canisters were full of posters of Toy Story III. Tom was supposed to get them there in time for the debut of the movie. Mr. Amos Horner, was going to make a fortunate off of the Toy Story fans by selling the posters for $20 apiece. He was really going to clean up this time. Everybody loved the Toy Story characters.
    Laughing at what his girl friend, Tilly, had said to him on his cell phone, Tom was not paying attention to the road. Suddenly, he saw a school bus coming into the intersection from the right side. Gasping, Tom jammed on his brakes. The old truck spun around and around, making horrible screeching sounds at the same time. He saw everything whirring around and at the same time.
    Finally, the old truck slowed and stopped spinning. He had just missed hitting the school bust by a couple of inches! The bus driver frowned at him and angrily drove off. Tom sighed, he had avoided the school bus and no one was hurt and he assumed there were no additional dents on his truck because there had been no contact. As soon as he stopped, the bundle rolled off the truck bed, rolling over and over again and then plunked down into some grass.
    Tom, glanced at his watch. Now he was really late! He swallowed deep, and re-started his old and headed for the movie theatre. When he arrived, his boss, Mr. Horton, saw at once that Tom did not have the posters in the back. Not only that but the movie had already aired and the crowd had left. Tom was fired.


  2. Oh, Carol. This is precious! I never thought of the cylinders holding posters. You have a fantastic imagination. And, I could see it unfolding as I read. Excellent job!

    I've put your name in the hat twice... once for taking the time to comment, and once for playing the game.

    Thank you.


  3. “Oh, Daddy, what have you found this time?” An exasperated sigh escaped pursed lips as Dani reached out to lift the odd-looking container off her father’s hunched shoulders.
    A twinkle winked in his rheumy eyes as he limped to the old tree stump and slowly lowered his aching bones. He slid the ever-present toothpick to the other side of his mouth.
    “Well, me darlin’, I’ll tell you a story.” Dani knew better than to tell him she didn’t have the time so she folded her legs, making herself comfortable on the ground next to her Da.
    “I could tell ya this here thing held a hundred sticks of dynamite but I’d be a lyin’ to ya. So I’ll be tellin’ ya the truth. ‘Tis condos for the little people. I watched it bounce out of the ol’ pot o gold when I jumped for the little green fella this mornin’. I’ll be watchin’ closer for their new high-rise development now when I go on me walks.”
    loreemallory at yahoo dot com

  4. ‘Tis condos for the little people...'

    Oh Loree, this is precious. A fantasy in the making. I'd read it!

    Thank you for playing along. Throwing your name in twice for the draw.



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