Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Got My Answer

Yesterday's post was about a box of tubes which looked a lot like dynamite sticks taped together.

Well, I received a call from the RCMP and it wasn't dynamite.

The Mountie said I'd found an empty United States fireworks container.

Which means it was just litter and no danger at all. Still, I'm glad I didn't satisfy my curiousity and look behind it for fuses.

Kind of anti-climatic, isn't it?


  1. Oh wow, what a relief! Still, I'm disappointed that someone would leave it like that. You did the right thing.

    I love the look of your blog, Anita!

  2. Whew! Glad it wasn't the real thing! But I love that it shows your heart, Anita--how much you care about the people that could have been hurt had it really been dangerous.

  3. You two are good for my morale. :)

    I blogged about this over on my eHarlequin blog with the consensus being that it was a terrific way to build tension. LOL

    Then when Katherine said it may have been placed there as a test, my writer's mind started rolling and although I came up with a decent scenario, I know there are better ideas out there.

    And I have an extra copy of a brand new Dec 09 Love Inspired sitting here.

    Stay tuned, Inky sisters... blog contest coming up. :)



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