Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swallow Baby Photos & Book Giveaway

I'm hosting Love Inspired Suspense author Stephanie Newton over on the Prairie Chicks blog today, so if you want the chance at winning a free book, head on over to Prairie Chicks Write Romance.

Meanwhile, as promised, I took some photos of the Swallows nest above our garage-turned-rec centre where my office is located.

Here's where they made the nest for the second year in a row.

So far, I've seen 4 babies waiting for momma.

Now don't laugh at me, but I can't figure out if this bird is looking up or down. I can't see her face.

The top part looks like the same beak coloring as the babies, but if it is, why is the bird looking up? I took several shots of the nest like this and that adult bird didn't move.

But, if it's the back end, where are the tail feathers?

The swallows really don't want me going to work and dive-bomb me every chance they get.

And when I finally get inside, they sit right outside the window and watch the door.

This looks like papa, doesn't it?

So, any birds dive-bombing you lately?


  1. Just the hummingbirds! Although today the cat was at the bottom of a tree chasing a chipmunk, which was being chased by a pair of robins who have their nest up in the tree. It was like a little war zone.

  2. Oh, hummingbirds. I see maybe one a year. Having been able to catch one of film yet, though. :(

    Your 'little war zone' sounds interesting. Have you taken pics of them? You take such wonderful photos.


  3. Okay, I'm going to take a wild guess and say we're looking at the bird's BEHIND. She is just standing there looking down at her babies, maybe feeding, grooming, or who knows what all they do up there in their little bird homes.

  4. Hey Shar, nice to see you here.

    About the 'frozen' bird... over on my facebook blog, my sister commented that swallows 'freeze' when danger approaches so as not to be noticed. It sounds plausible to me. This is my first experience this close to swallows. I'm more familiar with the killdeer where they fake a broken wing to draw 'danger' away from their nest.

    But I'm glad to see someone else was confused as much as me. :D

    Thanks for sharing.



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