Saturday, April 23, 2011

Water Covers Our Road

After weeks of waiting through a roller coaster of temperatures, the weather has warmed enough to set off the final meltdown. Here's the sequence of events...

Thurs, Apr 21st at 8 am - The water is one foot lower than the road on the right of the photo. Note the level of water on the fence posts.

Good Friday, Apr 22 at 1 pm - The water is level with the road. A rural municipal councillor stopped at the farm about an hour earlier to say the flood was running over a road a mile away and would reach us soon.

A mere 3 hrs later, the water had crossed the road, aided by the powerful prairie wind and damage had already begun to the road's surface.

4 hrs later the wind dropped at the 8 pm sunset.  The air filled with bird sounds and rushing water.

7 am this morning, Sat, Apr 23rd, we heard the water rushing across the road as soon as we went outside. More water, more damage. Where the dirt had washed away, it left huge rocks - as much as 8" across - lying just beneath the surface.

7 pm tonight, we jumped into hubby's 4WD and went to check the water at 2 different culverts within a mile from home, but our road was the only one under water. We'd been red-flagged sometime during the day. With some places more than 6" deep, the drive down our road was scary. But JJ couldn't wait to get out of the truck and experience the water for himself.

As usual, the wind dropped which allowed for some spectacular photos. Normally if I took a pic from this spot, you wouldn't see a drop of water.

Tomorrow is Easter morning. Resurrection Day. Amen!

I wonder what the water will be like when we head out to church. Nelson thinks the van can make it across, but I have my misgivings since the van is low and the water high. I guess it depends on what happens overnight. We'll see...



  1. hey there anita
    looks like spring has come with a bit of vengence for you. that is certainly a lot of water. who gets to fix the road once the water goes away? is your house safe from flooding?

    i hope your Easter was blessed. ours was wonderful. we spent time with DH's parents. A Guppy update is on eHarl. just an FYI.

    stay dry *heh*

  2. Hey Deb, we're just thankful the snow took weeks to melt because if it had happened over a week, we would've flooded in the house too.

    The road will be fixed by the Rural Municipality (RM) workers. They've promised to put a new larger culvert in this year and if they're smart, will probably do it while repairing the road. I'll believe it when I see it, LOL.

    I'll go check Guppy's update. Thanks for the heads' up. :)


  3. Thank you, Cheri. I really appreciate you telling me you like them.

    I snuck over to your site and gosh - your header is gorgeous! And that video of the rider during the Royal Wedding - too precious. Thanks for that.

    And then I realized you sneaked up on me. (Anita waggles her finger.) Playing hide and sneak now are you? LOL

    Thanks for dropping by... I have something to say to you but I think I'll send you an email... wait for it. Heh.

    Anita Mae.


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