Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple Blossoms, Finally!

With summer offically a couple weeks away, we finally have blossoms on our crabapple trees. They started a couple days ago and overnight, the trees burst into an explosion of blossoms. I can't remember the name of this bird, but I found it eating the blossoms with gusto. (see bottom of post for update)

We've had 2 days that could be considered hot - 28C/86F. The rest of the days have been cold and rainy, windy and cold, or rainy and windy.

Soon, the lilacs will bloom and their heady scent will drift in through our open windows - that's if it's warm enough to open them. I had them open for 2 hrs today but had to shut them so the furnace wouldn't click on.

I've been reading up on the photography for websites and it seems the photos chosen most are those with only a partial image and lots of open space for text. I hadn't thought of it before, but these are the types of photos that can be used to make greeting cards. And with the addition of a Bible verse, you have a nice scripture card or even wallpaper for your computer.

Well, I suppose if it's for the computer it would look better sideways, but you get the idea.

When I went for yesterday's walk, I saw what I thought was a piece of dock jutting up above the grass. But dock isn't that big yet around here. As I moved closer, I clicked on my camera and zoomed in. It was an American Bittern and it just stood there with its beak in the air. Another few steps and it moved a few feet away. I slowly moved closer, snapping pics until it flew behind the wolf willows. This is the closest shot I was able to get with any clarity. I didn't see it after that.

And here's a photo of what the pasture looks like when the water is drained as it usually is by June. But with the latest rain, the rocks have disappeared again for the 3rd time this year. If you look closely at the fence post on the far left you can see the spring runoff reached within inches of the top. No wonder the road was a foot under water.

Your turn... were your blossoms on schedule this year? Ours are about 4 weeks behind where they should be.

***News update... Over on my blog at the Harlequin forum, author Donna Alward has identified this bird as a Cedar Waxwing.

Donna said, 'I think that bird is a cedar waxwing. It is hard to tell without seeing the rest of its plumage, but I *think* the bohemian waxwing doesn't have the yellow on its breast like a cedar. Both are found on the prairies, though. :-)'

And as someone who used to live in Alberta, Donna would know. I've checked 2 bird identification books and confirmed that the bird in the top photo is indeed a Cedar Waxwing, Bombycilla cedrorum. Thank you, Donna. I appreciate you piping up. :)

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