Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Railway Meals at the Inkwell

It's history day at the Inkwell and I'm blogging about dining cars and meals on the old Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) back in 1888.

I've included a the modern VIA Rail video to show train interiors and the Canadian landscape.

The questions for discussion are: Have you ever eaten on a train? When and where? What did you think?

Today's photo is a bison cow and calf. As you can see, momma is shedding her winter coat to stay cooler during our short summer.


  1. hi anita
    love the pix. please check your hotmail. another "fix" note for you...

  2. Deb, you're such a blessing to me. I love my new logo design and am working on a post about it.

    Thanks so much. :)


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